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Лидер сторонников отделения Калифорнии объявил о намерении переехать в Россию

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  6. Maria — Thank you so much, dear Lauren and Robbie! Juan Martin will always remember you with such a nice gift. And yes, looking at the pictures you posted made me smile

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  15. Wow, they look so beautiful. The glossy chocolate cake and the pink cake look so perfect…and thanks for tips to make me imagine that I could do that at home! I'm totally giving it a try.

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  17. that Mussina confounded everybody with his decision. That’s probably true, unless you actually read anything about it before today: The beat writers were saying he would retire, the Yankees were saying he would retire, and even Moose was saying near the end of the year that he would probably retire. If this announcement confounds you, you’re lost. But such is the state of the afternoon show on WFAN, where facts shall not be allowed to stand in the way of the host.

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  42. (Re: December 04, 2012 1:58 PM, posted the very day the video was uploaded to YouTube. Google alert, or just a tip from a fellow bottom feeder?): “yet another [uncalled for] shocking tale of transgender violence:”-“A smear campaign, smear tactic or simply smear is a metaphor for activity that can harm an individual or group's reputation by conflation with a stigmatized group.”And then this snipe an hour later:“and, to think: transgender is legal in MoCo”Translation: Gender transition should be criminalized.

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  44. I am really devastated that Mitt didn’t win the election. He would be a great president and you would be a great First Lady. The people of the country would have confidence and be spending money and the stock market would be going up instead of down if you and Mitt were heading to the white house. I am really worried about where the country is headed now mainly because my five grandchildren will be included in the people that have to pay for all the mistakes being made in running the country now.

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